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WACTList is a vehicle to facilitate communication among theatre people in the state of Wisconsin and other interested parties.  In web parlance it's known as a listserv.  What this means for those of you have never encountered one before is that by signing up you become part of an e-mail list.  Anyone who is signed up  (but ONLY those who are signed up) can send an e-mail to the list address (wactlist@wact.org) and it will automatically be sent to everyone else who's signed up.  Mail to the list members will only be accepted from other list members.  The actual e-mail addresses are not visible or accessible to outsiders and will not we sold or released by WACT to outside parties. 


The uses are endless but a few examples are:

  • Let other people know you're looking for a specific set, prop, costume, or ???.  Chances are someone has one or knows where to find one.

  • Let other people know you're have a specific set, prop, costume, or ???.  Someone may need it and be willing to buy it, rent it, or be willing to take it off your hands so it'll stop taking up storage space.

  • Look for someone with the answer to a problem you're having.  You're probably not the first person who's had to solve it.  No need to re-invent the wheel.

  • Announce your show and/or auditions.

  • Pass on a funny joke or story.

  • Vent your frustration to people who understand

  • Anything else you can imagine

  • Anything else you can't imagine

To join, all you need to do is fill in the fields below and press enter.  You will then be sent an e-mail requesting you to  confirmation your sign up.  This is to ensure that it's really you signing up.  More options and instructions will be included with your membership confirmation.  Then all you have to do is join in the fun.


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